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This part of the website serves as the landing page for my PhD Research with Fielding Graduate University.
My aim is to learn how we can combine the inspiration of jazz improvisation and Value Networks thinking to design organizations that achieve a Groove.
Leaders want to adapt their organizations to an increasingly complex and dynamic world. Consumers and talent at the leading edge use their social networks and internet technology to increase their power over traditional institutions and organizations. How do you inspire them to remain connected with you? How do you innovate? What does the new paradigm mean for your organization? How do you make your value network groove?
In order to make sense of the complexity involved with the design and implementation of network organizations, I use jazz improvisation as a source domain and a metaphor to inspire you to make sense of this challenge. If you want to be involved with my research, or if you want an inspiring experience in designing your network organization, feel free to contact me. Also, take a look at our inspiring workshop format jazzinbusiness

Paul Berner explains 'provocative competence' at a jazzinbusiness workshop

e-office Value Network created with Verna Allee's Value Networks Analysis

Research Supporters

I am very proud that my research is sponsored by six friends and inspiring entrepreneurs.

Kalo Bagijn, co-founder and former boardmember of Binckbank.
Johan Burgemeester and Ronald Heerema, JunoIT
Charles van Gogh, Mise en Place
Roland Hameeteman, e-office
Ronald van den Hoff, Mindz
Herman van Middendorp, Jasmijn Management

Research papers