PhD research at Fielding Graduate University

I have a PhD in Human and Organizational Systems from Fielding Graduate University’s School of Leadership Studies.

Here I worked on an action research project that helps us make sense about how our improvisations with metaphors become embodied in the systems that we are creating. My research was supported by six Dutch entrepreneurs: Kalo Bagijn; Roland Hameeteman, Johan Burgemeester and Ronald Heerema, Herman van Middendorp, Ronald van den Hoff, and Charles van Gogh. In addition my research was supported through my 2014 Fellowship with the CMM institute for personal and social evolution.

My dissertation is available through open access here.

Institute for global integral competence

I am a co-founder of the institute for global integral competence. 

This institute aims to develop cosmopolitan communication to integrate our similarities and differences in every moment. We believe that integral communication theories and practices can help people to move towards this form of communication. We develop global integral competence in health, wealth and peace by offering workshops and forums at our Flying University and through research. We work together with a global community of partners and sponsors in order to achieve our mission.

2014 CMM Fellowship

The CMM Institute, in partnership with Fielding Graduate University and Villanova University, selected Sergej for a fellowship.

2014's topic was “using the communication perspective and CMM for understanding our lives lived in the new media”. The resulting paper can be found on Sergej's researchgate profile. (See below).

Academic profile

I publish my working papers and other publications on my profile at researchgate