The ingroove jazzclub: experience the future here and now through improvisation practice

Building on seven years of experience with jazzinbusiness and eight years of PhD research into organizational improvisation, we, a community of jazz musicians, producers, researchers, consultants, are developing the ingroove jazzclub as a learning space in which communities can develop solutions for complex problems by improvising with metaphors.

Guided by the ingroove process, based on Embodied Making, jamsessions in the club help change makers, leaders, architects, developers, and anyone interested in third order change make real progress, in real-time.
And as this is not a jazz club, the results are applied in practice in real-time too!

Proof of value: making intangible benefits real

e-office customers wanted to make business cases for portals.

I found Alinean, an American IT portfolio management software startup who based their product on good research and worked with their Dutch partner to create business case templates for portal implementations. After we applied these to Heineken, Achmea, AON, and others, the open question remained how we could prove the value of the knowledge sharing and other intangible benefits of portals.

I found that the research in intellectual capital and value networks provided answers to these questions and worked with thought leaders like Verna Allee and Karl-Erik Sveiby to give more body to our portal business cases. We applied proof of value in about 15 customer cases over the course of five years.

Workplace analytics: getting a real view on how work gets done

Many of our clients wanted to design an integral workplace, where the physical office and the virtual office supported more flexible ways of working. 

However easy it was for them to envision the new world of work as an ideal to strive to, it was very difficult for them to get a realistic picture of how work actually got done. I worked with workplace designers innvire to adapt the work of Tom Davenport to a workplace analytics framework, and over the course of five large workplace redesign projects we created workplace analytics, now a flagship product for innvire, the company of my partners in this development.

Jazzinbusiness: an experience of improvisation to change business

How can we give more feel and depth to business strategies and visions aimed at flexibility, innovation, change and complexity? How do we make these abstract concepts concrete? These were the questions that started me developing jazzinbusiness.

By asking a jazzband to show how they improvise music in real-time and by helping business audiences to apply these ideas to their strategies and projects, we were able to make the complex tangible as an experience. We performed jazzinbusiness workshops in about 25 cases. Always making a big impact with the participants and the collective mind of the organizations we worked with.

Embodied Making

How can we apply improvisational principles to everyday work in organizations? How can we create systems that are as flexible as a jazz band? How do structures come to life? 

These were some of the guiding questions leading the development of embodied making, an agile design method. Embodied making builds on the work of jazzinbusiness and joins it with architecture and communication theory to build the bridge to organizations and systems. By sharing stories, finding forces, and shaping solutions designers, using embodied making, are able to create more flexible systems.

Business Elements
How can we design a system that supports real-time collaboration and data structures that can be unique for each instance of a product, an experience and an interaction? 

We used the latest converging trends and technologies in IT to design a system for business that completely reverses the paradigm from 'specification' to 'infinite variety'. The result is a real-time, instance based, system with a radically different user interface, integral analytics and a new language to model business concepts. Product Foundry continues the development of this product.