Redesigning the Dutch mental healthcare system

De nieuwe gzz is a movement that aims to systemically transform Dutch mental healthcare. Guided by a positive definition of health, they intend to help people take charge of their condition, and to activate the local community to take charge for the well-being of their neighbourhoods. 

Supported by ten innovative healthcare institutions, the movement has just finished its design and is working with a community to realize the stage on which the transformation can now take place.

A National data sharing infrastucture and a standard for connecting e-Mental Health interventions

A Dutch healthcare investment fund wanted to foster collaboration between patients, caregivers, mental health institutions and e-health software providers. 

We helped them design a data sharing architecture for e-health interventions, convinced the market leading e-health providers to support the new standard, and are now facilitating a National community of users, suppliers, and investors who use the method.

How to turn manual labour in the Dutch greenhouses into fun play

Employers in the Dutch Graanhouse sector see how they need to provide a workplace that supports autonomy and that gives purpose as a key to bringing out the mastery in their people.

We helped them design WorkIsPlay, a strategy game based on the Embodied Making process. This game can be played by operations teams in Greenhouses and helps them to design solutions for complex work problems without the intervention os an outside trainer. The six growers who piloted the game are still telling the story.

Planning for complexity at a global offshore engineering company

A globally operating deep sea exploration company approached us to help them understand how they could redesign their strategic resource planning to better fit the increasing complexity of their commercial, operational and technical environment. 

With our team, we analyzed the organization and developed a new planning strategy and system and helped select a supplier to provide the software to support it.

Fostering the adoption of social software

Sitrion (formerly Newsgator) wanted to help their Fortune 500 clients gain more benefits from their investment in Sitrion's software product. 

I helped Sitrion design an adoption program, guided the first pilots, applying it with three clients, and trained and certified the first Sitrion business partners to apply the adoption framework to their customers.Market leader for social software in the enterprise